Serena Williams speaks about her retirement

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Serena Williams speaks about her retirement

Serena Williams will turn 37 in September, but the American player doesn't have any plans of ending her career soon. In an interview to CNBC's Show ahead of the US Open, Serena said: 'This is the beginning of a new career for me.

I’m not going to be gone after the Open. I’m going to be in the next Grand Slam and the next and the next and the next and the next. It’s just going to keep going.' Commenting on her break from tennis during maternity, Serena said she was still focused on tennis and WTA Tour: 'I was always there mentally.

I was always watching and being a part of it. And I never wanted to hang up my racket at that point. I’m still trying to compete and win Grand Slams and most of all do it while I have a daughter.' Serena also recalled what her trainer Mackie Shilstone told her about maternity: 'He told me a baby is like a plane.

When you’re in the plane, the people tell you to put on your mask first before helping the person beside you. And I realized I wasn’t putting on my mask first. I was constantly putting on — I was putting on her mask.

It’s a hard thing to process. I’m still learning that.' Serena also said something inspiring in her Chase advertisement video: 'Don't call it a comeback. I have been here for years.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal is better than Roger Federer, says football star