'Serena Williams is not a robot' - Chris Evert predicts tough road

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'Serena Williams is not a robot' - Chris Evert predicts tough road

Chris Evert believes that for Serena Williams, continuing to balance motherhood and tennis commitments won't be easy. Next week the 23-time Grand Slam winner's daughter will turn one and they will definitely celebrate the special occasion.

'To turn the switch on and off is very difficult, and that's what Serena's trying to navigate', Evert admitted during an ESPN conference call. 'She's never had this nurturing feeling... before. It doesn't switch on and off.

Even if it's not consciously there when she's on court, it's in the back of her mind and it will creep in once in a while because she's not a robot.' Brad Gilbert said: 'I know one thing, never underestimate Serena.

If she can get through the first week... she becomes a different player. Two years ago when people took the court against her, they were just hoping not to get beat 6-1 6-1. They were 4-0 (down) out of the tunnel, and these top five and top 10 players would get blown out before even walking on the court.

Every great player in the history of the game builds up equity by crushing people, and then all of a sudden when that doesn't happen... people (think) you know what, I have a chance today.' ALSO READ: People are upset because Roger Federer didn't win Wimbledon, says Rusedski