John McEnroe: 'I got offered $10 million by Trump to face Serena Williams'

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John McEnroe: 'I got offered $10 million by Trump to face Serena Williams'

In a conference call in New Haven, John McEnroe confirmed reports indicating that he was offered $1 million from Donald Trump to face Serena Williams, but he added some interesting information. 'That was 20 years ago. With inflation, that's now $10 million', McEnroe said.

'I think both our prices have gone up, yeah, at this point.' McEnroe also commented on French Open banning Serena Williams Catwoman-like outfit: 'Why? That would be my reaction. I don't know. If she wants to wear it, if she thinks that's making a statement.

From what I understood from the Nike people: She's really trying to make a statement with this. This is what they told me at the French. You really have to look at this. I'm like, Wow, that's got to be pretty hot, I would think, for starters.

It was pretty hot at the French and Wimbledon, too. Me personally, when you wear black, it keeps in the heat. Just from purely that standpoint, it would be tough. It's like the catsuit she wore I can't remember how many years ago, pretty much the same thing, I think.

Cat Suit II or something. Usually, the sequels aren't as good as the originals. The fact she did it after she had her child, she was trying to make a statement there. I think she was able to succeed with that.' Asked if he thinks the French should be a little bit more open-minded in terms of the changing of the guard with people wearing different outfits, McEnroe said: 'They might turn her off from playing.

They better be careful. I'm surprised. The French, to me, they embrace that. That doesn't make sense to me.' ALSO READ: 'Serena Williams' extravagant outfits won't be accepted at French Open