'Serena Williams is very aggressive, Osaka not so much' - Sascha Bajin

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'Serena Williams is very aggressive, Osaka not so much' - Sascha Bajin

Sascha Bajin worked with Serena Williams as hitting partner in the previous years, and he is now in Naomi Osaka's corner as coach. In a press conference call at the US Open last week, Bajin made interesting comparison between the two players who will face off on Saturday in the US Open final. 'I think they really are different people, because the only similarity they have is that they kind of have the same hair, big hair.

I believe that they kind of want to play the same. They are very powerful, big serves, big hitters, both of them. But even on court, Serena is very aggressive, you know, and Naomi, I have to push her to get a fist pump out of her', Bajin said.

Bajin has always been aware of Osaka's potential: 'She’s been a big hitter before I started with her. She had this power. It’s not that I added to her. She knew how to play tennis. She maybe didn’t know quite how to handle it or control it.

Didn’t quite know when to pull the trigger, when not to. Maybe didn’t know that there were even other ways of putting pressure on the opponent by just pace off the ball. So I was trying to kind of maintain the raw power, and then, at the same time, also show that there are other ways of creating pressure on the opponent.' 'What I really love about Naomi is that she really preserved that innocence somehow', he added.

'So if she’s sad, she’s gonna show it. If she’s happy, she’s gonna show it. There are no fake emotions. There is no fakeness or anything like it. It’s just very raw, pure emotions. And that makes it easy for me to also understand her, because it’s — you know, my job is a lot based on emotions, as well.”

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