Del Potro: Sad for Serena Williams. Girls need to get same treatment as men

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Del Potro: Sad for Serena Williams. Girls need to get same treatment as men

Speaking to reporters after his US Open final loss to Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin del Potro commented on the particular women's singles final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. 'I don't know what's can I say about that,' said del Potro.

'I was sad for Serena because she's a great champion. She gives to this sport a lot. But Naomi deserved to win. She's a great champion. Of course, the final was not the final that everybody expected. But I'm agree that the girls has to be treated as the mens, win the same money.

They made big effort to play these kind of tournaments, and they deserve to has the same treatment as we have. Basically Serena is one of the greatest players of the history. I wish all the best to her because she's so nice.

We want to watch her keep playing the slams.' Del Potro also analyzed how his 2018 US Open campaign went: 'I think I did a good tournament, but this is a tough lose for me. I'm really sad to lose the final in this tournament because I had too much passion playing the final, trying towin the title again.

But I think it's time to take a break, to see how my body feels for the future, and then be ready for the next one.' What is it like to stand on the floor and have 20,000 people singing "Ole, DelPo?" 'What I say on the stage, you can lose or win a trophy, but the love from the crowd, it's could be even bigger than the tournament.

That's what I got from them. It will be in the heart for the rest of the life. ALSO READ: Mouratoglou: 'I coached, but also Toni Nadal, Bajin coached on every point'