Victoria Azarenka: 'I was just praying Serena Williams would stop'

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Victoria Azarenka: 'I was just praying Serena Williams would stop'
Victoria Azarenka: 'I was just praying Serena Williams would stop' (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Victoria Azarenka deeply analyzed the case involving Serena Williams and the umpire Carlos Ramos at the US Open. Speaking on Instagram Live, the Belarusian player and two-time Grand Slam winner said: 'First of all – and it’s very important – I want to congratulate Naomi.

She played an incredible match and deserved this win and it probably would have happened anyway. It was very, very unfortunate it happened this way, for her and her story. She was really playing incredible. I was really impressed.

Her composure and how calm she played was really impressive. Second thing, coaching violation. My opinion – coaching violation when Patrick (Mouratoglou) showed this [action] – nobody will say that it’s the first time someone coached.

I played against many players whose coaches have literally conversations with them. Man, woman, everybody coaches. Everyone says rule – umpire acted by the rule. My problem is there’s too much grey area in this rule.

that umpire can either exercise it or not, if they heard it, what they heard or whatever. We either have a rule for everybody or we don’t. That’s my problem with it. Going straight from coaching to code violation without warning a person – I think that’s messed up.

You can say hey next time you’re going to get a warning, a coach violation – I think that’s fair. I don’t think he knew if Serena saw the coaching or not. This grey area we have. Coaching on the WTA Tour, I found out in qualifying you can coach – what the hell is this? Why is there so much difference? I don’t get that.

Second code violation was fair. he acted by the rules – no question about it. The third one I was sitting and praying Serena would stop and I’m not justifying what she said. People are emotional, he did the right thing.

But you cannot deny there have been a lot worse situations and I’m not going to name names.' ALSO READ: Mouratoglou: 'I coached, but also Toni Nadal, Bajin coached on every point'

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