Andrea Petkovic: 'Serena Williams lost the control of herself'

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Andrea Petkovic: 'Serena Williams lost the control of herself'

Andrea Petkovic thinks Serena Williams overcame a little bit the limit during the US Open women's final lost to the Japanese Naomi Osaka. Speaking about what happened, as quoted by Tennisnet Petkovic said: 'I think it was an emotional outburst.

Serena lost the control of herself. She wanted her emotions to come out.' At the same time, Petkovic made a big admission agreeing with Serena: 'It's very clear that us as women get treated differently than men.

Sports is about background as well. I never saw anyone commenting on a male ouffit.' Explaining what brought the 36-year-old American to behave that way, Petkovic added: 'You have to know Serena a little bit as a person, she is always unbelievably emotional and I think she headed into the match thinking to win.

You can say that when everything goes against you, is the worst feeling for an athlete and I think Serena felt like that.' Meanwhile the WTA Founder Billie Jean King said: 'Serena was out of line. There’s no question.

No one is saying she was a good sport. If they are they are crazy. She was totally out of line. She knows it.The point is he (aggravated) the situation. ‘I’m not attacking your character,’ is the most important thing he could have said.

I think everything would have been different.' King hopes a change will be made about the on-court coaching rule: 'Crisis creates an opportunity to get it right.' ALSO READ: Andre Agassi: 'I could not cope with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Djokovic'