Serena Williams controversy wouldn't happen at Wimbledon - Chief

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Serena Williams controversy wouldn't happen at Wimbledon - Chief

The All England Club chief Philip Brook believes a controversy like the one at the US Open final between Serena Williams and the chair umpire Carlos Ramos will not be seen at the All England Club during Wimbledon in July.

That's what Brook told reporters on Thursday. 'People said to me, would that happen at Wimbledon?" My first reaction is maybe it could, but actually I do wonder [about] the uniqueness of the circumstances in New York', said Brook.

'You have a very partisan crowd who really wanted Serena to win. There is a huge amount resting on this one match because she is one match away from equaling Margaret Court’s record. It is a bit cauldron-like. When they walk on court, it's not like a Wimbledon final.

The final of Wimbledon [where Williams had lost to Angelique Kerber eight weeks earlier] was similar in some senses but it wasn't her home crowd in her home country. I could imagine the pressure on her being even greater than ever because of those circumstances, and we all saw what happened.

I think she was under a lot of pressure, I think he [Ramos] was doing his job and what unfolded, unfolded. It was not a good look for tennis.' Brook also supports the new Davis Cup format: 'We have all seen this great event that has been with us for a hundred years declining and declining in importance.

If that vote had failed, you don’t know whether you’ll have any of these investors in a year’s time. They may well all have gone ‘You know what, this is too difficult, we’re off.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'My dream was playing Wimbledon, not being a millionaire'