Serena Williams won't play Tokyo Games, says Roger Federer's former coach

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Serena Williams won't play Tokyo Games, says Roger Federer's former coach

Roger Federer's former coach Paul Annacone believes that playing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics won't be easy for Serena Williams. The American champion just turned 37 and she will be 38 years and 10 months old once the Olympics come around.

'She is a very smart woman, that's why she is where she is, she knows how to manage things,' Annacone said on Tennis Channel. 'What she is doing is preparing herself to give herself the option. Who knows how she is going to feel in a couple of years.

She could have another child, she could have a little bit in her competitive spirit.' Instead, the former world no. 1 Lindsay Davenport believes it is a very possible mission for Serena, who will be back in the 2019 season trying to triumph in a Grand Slam again.

'Absolutely. It's a couple of years away but that's her main goal. Serena Williams doesn't have a lot of free time, she is a businesswoman, she is practicing, she has got a baby. She has had no greater joy in her career than all the gold medals that she has won in singles and doubles with her sister.

The absolute goal for her to be there in a couple of years,' Davenport said. Serena explained how different her mindset is: 'It definitely changed my perspective a lot. First of all, I wanted to raise awareness about all the problems that Afro-American women face when they give birth, as well as just women, in general, are superheroes.

We are so strong and I feel like I am a part of a club that not everyone is part of. I never thought I would be in, but it's really cool and I just feel honoured to be among these amazing women.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'My dream was playing Wimbledon, not being a millionaire'