'What Serena Williams did in US Open final was pathetic' - Bemelmans

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'What Serena Williams did in US Open final was pathetic' - Bemelmans

In an interview with a Belgian newspaper, the world no. 110 Ruben Bemelmans strongly criticized Serena Williams' behaviour at the US Open. Bemelmans believes that the way Serena behaved towards the chair umpire Carlos Ramos was not positive.

'It's good that Serena works for women's rights, but what she did in the US Open final was pathetic,' said Bemelmans. Speaking about his post-tennis future, Bemelmans added: 'No idea what I'll do after my career.

Probably live abroad. Maybe the US, maybe Spain or Italy. But I'll play for another five years.' He also spoke about the secrets behind the ATP and WTA Tour: 'There's a lot of friendship on the men's tour.

There's more rivalry in WTA. Although the Belgian girls all get along very well. But the Russians, forget it.' Bemelmans also admitted that the life of a tennis player could be tough: 'Sometimes you fly half around the world to play a match, you lose and you're back on the next plane.

You have to accept that.' At the same time he added: 'I'm enjoying this life more than ever. But there are no more wild parties. 15 years ago players partied even during the tournaments. That's almost over. Groupies? That's over too.

Social media killed that.' Bemelmans also revealed he got approached by people to fix some of his matches: 'When I started out, I got proposals to sell a match for $30,000. More than what a trophy would have got me.

Those figures have only increased since then. Once the mafia gets you, you're lost. ATP isn't without fault in this story. Only 150 players make money with tennis. If that group were bigger less people would be seduced to fix matches.' Do tennis players dope? 'As far as doping is concerend, I haven't seen much.

No sport is completely clean. But the consequences are gigantic. Why would you dope, make the top 20 and then get caught and lose everything? And after all, a bad backhand will always be a bad backhand.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer should never play on clay again' - Andy Roddick