Serena Williams: 'Growing up I wanted to be like Monica Seles'

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Serena Williams: 'Growing up I wanted to be like Monica Seles'

In an interview to GQ Magazine, Serena Williams recalled her win as a 16-year-old over her childhood idol Monica Seles at the 1999 US Open. Serena said: 'I was incredibly young. I always really loved Monica. I wanted to play like her because she was my favorite player.

Growing up, I wanted to be just like her, hit like her and play like her. Having the opportunity to play her, it was like, 'Ok, cool. I got this.' Serena went through a lot of emotions during that match: 'I'd played her before and knew her game.

I don't remember being down a set, but I guess that was the beginning of the 'Serena Comebacks!' The 37-year-old won her maiden Grand Slam title at the 1999 US Open defeating Martina Hingis in the final, which was the first big milestone of her career.

'I always said I was going to win a Grand Slam, and next thing I know, I'd won, beating the No.1 player in the world', said Williams. 'Hingis was really dominating everyone at that time, so I was glad to get that one.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title