Serena Williams reveals the only thing she doesn't love as a mum

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Serena Williams reveals the only thing she doesn't love as a mum

Serena Williams loves being mum of her daughter Olympia. On September 1 the little girl turned 1 and on November 16 she celebrated the first anniversary of the wedding with Alexis Ohanian. Speaking to GQ Magazine about Olympia, Serena said: 'We do everything together.

I love everything about being a mom. The only thing I don't love about being a mom is come 7:30, Olympia's in bed and I get sad. I'm like, 'Should I go to bed?' Because then if I wake up, I get to see her again.' Serena also added: 'I'm keeping a lot of her clothes.

And then, when she gets a little older, we're going to go over to the foster care and give them away.' The former world No. 1 finally referred to the time when there was no prize money in tennis, like when Althea Gibson won the 1957 and 1958 US Open.

'That was awful. But that was for her generation, and she bore the burden for someone like me. I have it way better than she does. And then I'm bearing the burden for the next generation, and they're going to have it way, way better than I do.' Serena is extremely professional in every aspect, eating as well, but she sometimes makes exceptions: 'I did buy myself a cake the other day.

I never have cake. I went to bed thinking I want a cake, and I want, like, a decorated cake. I felt really happy to have that cake and eat it.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title