How Serena Williams inspired wheelchair player for return after maternity

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How Serena Williams inspired wheelchair player for return after maternity

The wheelchair tennis player and Grand Slam winner Jordanne Whiley got inspired by Serena Williams to keep trying playing tennis after giving birth to her first child. Now Whiley aims to make a comeback to the competition next year, in a bid to potentially equal the American champion's great comeback (Serena reached two Grand Slam finals this year at Wimbledon and US Open).

‘It was nice to really see her come back and do so well so soon', Whiley said on Serena. 'I didn’t know how I was going to be coming back and I’ve still got some weight to lose so I’m still not physically in the best shape.

Just to see her do incredibly in the Slams has given me a bit of confidence in that it is actually possible to come back after having a baby and still be at the top of your game', Whiley said speaking to Metro. Whiley also revealed some details about the beginning of her pregnancy: ‘I did know I was pregnant and my doubles partner Yui was the only other person who knew as well.

I’d qualified for Wimbledon and I really wanted to play, it was safe for me to play, I was medically clear. But I really didn’t expect to do very well there because I was suffering from severe morning sickness, which was actually all day sickness! It was worse in the morning so I was quite upset that our doubles final was first thing at 11am – the first match on.

The first set was actually really difficult for me because I was really struggling but then I sort of took a toilet break and thought, “You know what, I’ve only got an hour or two hours left on this court before I go and have a break from the sport“.

I really wanted to just go out there and give everything and if I was sick I was sick, but thankfully I wasn’t because if I was I would have had some explaining to do…' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title