I believe I could defeat Serena Williams, says McEnroe

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I believe I could defeat Serena Williams, says McEnroe

In June 2017, John McEnroe was criticized a lot for saying that an ATP played ranked 700th in the world could beat the 23-time WTA Grand Slam champion Serena Williams. In a recent interview, the former American champion insisted that he could, even now at 59 years of age, defeat Serena.

'The short answer is, as of this moment, if I trained properly and worked hard, I still believe that I could do it,' McEnroe said. McEnroe once rejected $1 million from Donald Trump to face Serena in an exhibition match, which he does not regret.

'It’s not something I ever wanted to do, honestly, but it’something that I’m always asked. I don’t know why I’m the guy. Why doesn’t he ask someone else? Go ask any of the other players, whoever the hell it is.

It’s always me that somehow, it’s like I’m the one. It started in Australia 20 years ago because Serena and Venus when they were, I think ,18 and 19 or whatever said, "We can play with the guys and beat the guys." Meanwhile, another chair umpire retired.

After Frenchmen Pascal Maria in 2017 and Cedric Mourier this year, American umpire, Jake Garden ended his career as a chair umpire on the ITF/Grand Slam Officiating Team. Garden will work with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) covering the role of Senior Manager, Professional Pathway.

Garden worked in the professional tennis as a Gold Badgd chair umpire for 12 years, since 2016. Only 31 umpires in the world have a Gold Badge. Garner umpired the 2008 Olympic singles final won by Rafael Nadal over Fernando Gonzalez in Beijing, and 18 Grand Slam finals including.

The ITF’s Head of Officiating, Soeren Friemel, said: 'Jake has performed at the highest level of officiating for more than a decade, displaying the utmost integrity and professionalism. He has been a great asset to the ITF/Grand Slam Team, not just in the chair but also through his work at ITF officiating schools, where he has inspired the next generation of officials.

We will miss seeing Jake in the Chair but we are looking forward to working with him hand-in-hand in developing officials at the USTA.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title