WTA CEO speaks about Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Halep

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WTA CEO speaks about Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Halep

The WTA CEO Steve Simon feels happy and satisfied with the position women's tennis is at currently. Simon believes there is a great contrast between young and old players. Speaking during the WTA Finals in Singapore last month, Simon said: 'Look at the top of our game right now, being led by Simona and Caroline, Angie, Sloane.

We then have players that are going to be in the history books that are still playing and very competitive on the tour: Serena, Venus, Maria. That creates a very compelling storyline.' Simon also commented on the possibility of removing on-court coaching on the WTA Tour: 'Coaching, from my perspective, is here to stay as a part of the WTA.

I would say, as we evolve, coaching will probably evolve. Is the on-court coaching approach that we have today the right one? Or should it be evolving to a different level of coaching? That's something that we are certainly looking at and we will continue to look at.

[Mental health] is the topic that as a mother worries me the most. Even more than physical injuries. In the age of social media when the image is so important and to perhaps losing authenticity because you have all these filters on social media, it's a big deal.

Our athletes sometimes are not there because they chose this path; somebody else chose this path for them. We have to be extremely alert and sensitive and we have to be their extended family.' Serena will start the new season at the Hopman Cup, Sharapova in Shenzhen.

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