Kuznetsova: Serena Williams is allowed to do things that others can't

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Kuznetsova: Serena Williams is allowed to do things that others can't

In an interview, Svetlana Kuznetsova commented on Serena Williams' controversial drug test that happened in June. When Williams was not at home, a doping control officer visited her house and was asked to leave by the player's assistant.

However, the officer refused to leave the premises until Williams had been tested which caused a problem as the test wasn't regulated. Kuznetsova believes rules are not the same for everyone: 'I am not sure about what happened to Serena there.

But I definitely know that she has such a weight that no one has on men's Tour. Serena gets allowed to do things that other players would never be allowed to do. In the sane situations, most of the tennis players would have been told: "Shut up", they could have been threatened in some way...

But they will never do it to Williams. I do not know how many times she gets drug tested, it looks like that everyone gets tested the same way. From the other side, if she believes she gets treated unfairly, then why don't you say it? In the end, everyone has a right to opinion,' Kuznetsova said.

Meanwhile, Elina Svitolina spoke about the annual cost of her big team. Now every elite tennis player has many team members that allow him or her to perform at their best and to spend many years on the tennis tour. Svitolina said: 'You spend a lot.

There are five people in my team and my father manages all the financial matters, even if he makes me know about them. Every year around $250,000-300,000 gets spent, for air flights, hotels and salaries.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title