Anna Wintour praises Serena Williams for being great person

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Anna Wintour praises Serena Williams for being great person

Anna Wintour praised Serena Williams while naming her the 2018 Visionary, a few weeks ago in New York. The 23-time Grand Slam winner is very active when it comes to tennis of course, but also off-court with fashion. She recently launched her own fashion line, "Serena". 'I just feel like sometimes, for whatever reason, anything that I do gets amplified, and so I use it for my brand', Wintour said.

'I use it to promote messages that are affirmative, like ‘you are strong, brave, proud, great’, and all those things that I feel like I’m in a position to not only express playing tennis but can also be expressed in my fashion line and other products.

She has always been a no. 1 tennis player. But in the year of Serena, and with this award tonight, we celebrate an even more impressive feat: becoming a woman far greater than her multitude of victories,' said Wintour. Wintour is a close friend of Roger Federer as well.

Commenting on the new partnership between the Swiss and the Japanese brand Uniqlo, a few months ago Wintour had said: 'Roger has a measured, thoughtful persona, not given to showiness or flash. And his partnership with Uniqlo, perhaps a bit surprising to the tennis world, will allow him to work with the brand to innovate and design, as well as to effect positive change globally — a priority of his.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title