Umpire ruined US Open final featuring Serena Williams, says expert

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Umpire ruined US Open final featuring Serena Williams, says expert

In an interview to Championat, former tennis player and current TV commentator Anna Dmitrieva commented on Serena Williams' behaviour during the US Open final. Dmitrieva didn't criticize Serena's conduct. 'I do not belong to the list of people bothered by Serena's behaviour.

Williams was very excited and upset that the match turned (out) so unfortunately. I am surprised that the umpire encouraged her to complain for such a long time. Mouratoglou did not coach her: he only gestured. Serena did not say aggressive words to Ramos.

I do not remember someone who got punished that way. Instead of calming down the situation, (the umpire) added to it. The umpire ruined the whole final taking the match away from Serena.' The Russian Tennis Federation chief Shamil Tarpischev said: 'Carlos is right, he applied the rules.

Rules are the same for everyone. I do not think the umpire strictly punished Williams. This is a common thing and it usually gets punished. If he were wrong, the supervisor would have cancelled the decision. Serena's behaviour went beyond the limit.

Players are react in a different way because of their character, but the Japanese survived. She didn't even show emotions when she won. Serena's allegations are not justifable. How should an umpire answer if she gets called as a cheater and thief?' Serena will start her new season at the Hopman Cup pairing up with Frances Tiafoe.

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