Tennis Expert: Why should umpire have ignored rules with Serena Williams?

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Tennis Expert: Why should umpire have ignored rules with Serena Williams?

The former tennis player, coach and TV commentator Yekaterina Bychkova commented on Serena Williams' behaviour during US Open final against Naomi Osaka. 'There is nothing over natural in the situation, except that it's a Grand Slam final involving Serena Williams.

If it happened in the first round on any other court, it would have not happened anything terrible: the umpire was correct. But since this is the final and there is Serena Williams, everything is covered by other stories: humanity, racism, sexism.

He applied the rules and Serena did not respect them. Everything depends on who is on the chair, and Carlos Ramos is this way. I went through a similar situation: I was given a warning and during the break I started complaining with the umpire.

He told me: "Rules are written for you." Why should someone ignore them? Serena broke her racket in five parts. This was done in a Grand Slam final in front of 21,000 people.' On Serena Williams' behaviour during the US Open final, Elena Vesnina said: 'Serena cut the limit.

She was warned on it and she did not allow Naomi to enjoy the most important win in her life, because Osaka played better and she was stronger in that match.' Russia's Tennis Federation chief Shamil Tarpischev said: 'Serena's behaviour went beyond the limit.

Players are react in a different way because of their character, but the Japanese survived. She didn't even show emotions when she won. Serena's allegations are not justifable. How should an umpire answer if she gets called as a lier and thief?' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title