Breaking racket is not the best way to release anger, says Serena Williams

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Breaking racket is not the best way to release anger, says Serena Williams

Serena Williams sometimes breaks rackets in the tough moments she goes through off court. The American player was asked what she thinks on such behaviours. 'That's an interesting question, and different. I actually used to break a lot of racquets on the court', said Serena.

'I sometimes break them in practice. I think when you're young it kind of maybe lets out a little frustration. It just is a way to express yourself. I think those players are super, super intense. So I can't necessarily go and say you shouldn't do that when I was actually someone that did it a lot.

I got to a place where I could see how many places I could crack in a racquet. I got five. This is great. But it's definitely not the best way to release your anger. I think the older you get, you realize there are more different ways.' 'It's funny 'cause it can go down because you get used to tough matches and you learn how to lose better.

I definitely think I have, but it's still really hard for me. So that just feeds my hunger to work harder.' 'I don't think it's any different than any other normal family. I visit kids in hospitals that have cancer, and I just am so amazed at how the families are there and how blessed I am.

Okay, I had a blood clot or had surgery. Thank God I don't have this other disease. It can be -- things can always be so much worse. A bad call here or there really is not the end of the world. It just makes you realize how important life is and how precious life is and how it's really a gift that we should cherish.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title