Serena Williams explains her goals in tennis

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Serena Williams explains her goals in tennis

Serena Williams is 37 years old and does not plan to retire from tennis yet. Speaking in a recent press conference, the 23-time Grand Slam winner said: 'My goal to stay healthy is always a goal for me. But I have other goals.

My goals usually are around tournaments and doing well in tournaments. I like trying to be ranked No. 1. So doing well enough so I can stay on top, I think that motivations me as well. Yeah, those are some of my goals.' Commenting on the current and future situation of the women's tennis, Williams added: 'It just takes time.

We've had a really strong tennis game since I think tennis‑‑ for a long, long, long time the Americans have been doing really well in tennis. Sometimes there is a low and there is a break. Fortunately enough, with Venus and I there hasn't been too much of a low.

Now there is so many new Americans coming up and so many doing really well.' Serena concluded: 'I never had really big goals playing. My goal was just to play tennis and to win tournaments, but I never had numbers in front of me.

The older I get, or the more I started playing, the more numbers started to come. But still, it's not a number thing really. I think it's just how you feel. And if you don't enjoy it or if you don't wake up every morning and say, Let's go to practice, that's when it becomes time.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title