Serena Williams: People show up at my house at 5:00 AM trying to test me

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Serena Williams: People show up at my house at 5:00 AM trying to test me

Serena Williams often complains about the many drug tests she has to undergo and in a press conference this year she stated her reasons for complaining in such manner. Every tennis player needs to be available for an hour a day, the whole year to undergo drug tests.

'People show up at my house at 5:00 in the morning trying to test me. You never know when they come. I think, yeah, I get tested a lot. I don't know about the other players, but for me it's a pretty intense system, and I know a lot of the players feel the same way,' said Serena.

Sometimes Serena has nightmares elated to tennis. In a recent press conference, the American confessed: 'I have a recurring nightmare that's always during Grand Slam finals. Not every time, but a lot of the times. I dream that I leave, I'm in Australia and I leave the country to go do something in the States, and I don't make it back in time.' Serena earned $86 million career prize money so far.

Commenting on this "achievement", she said: 'It feels great. It's just, again, what these pioneers have done for us.
They ended up playing for ‑‑the picture where they held a dollar, and, you know, you win tournaments for over $2 million, so it's just, yeah, it's amazing.

I just feel honored and blessed to have an opportunity to benefit such courageous women. I think there's a lot of times I don't think about tennis, and I think that is one of the reasons I'm able to be able to enjoy it now so much more, because I can completely detach myself, and then I can completely reattach myself at the same time.

Works well for me.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title