Serena Williams doesn't have to apologize to anyone, says John McEnroe

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Serena Williams doesn't have to apologize to anyone, says John McEnroe

Seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe reiterated that Serena Williams is not at a particular fault for her behaviour during the US Open final against Naomi Osaka earlier this year in September. Speaking ahead of the Champions Tennis event on Senior Tour, McEnroe said: ‘To who? She used a lot of cards.

If thief is the worst word she used, I have got some bad news for you. There are a lot of other players, including myself, in a lot of other sports, that have done far worse. Not that it is the best thing to be called a thief but come on.

If I use a four-letter word and say that you are a blanking, blank, which let’s say hypothetically I have used in the past, do you think that would be worse than saying that you are a thief. To me it would be. “You stole it from me”.

I don’t remember her calling him sexist. You have got to be more specific there. What exactly did she say.’ Serena claimed that the umpires behave differently for a men's and women's match, and McEnroe made an interesting confession.

'I am surprised she didn’t invoke my name there', said the 59-year-old. 'I wasn’t disappointed just surprised. And she is absolutely right about that. That is not a sexist comment is it – it is just a statement of fact.

There are probably worse things she has said. She said worse things to that other person a few years earlier in the other match where she was defaulted. Women athletes in other sports, I am sure, I don’t know, World Cup in football or soccer, they have said worse.

Who are you kidding man? For some reason, tennis is: You can’t say anything.’ ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title