Konta on Serena Williams: She is always in the mix

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Konta on Serena Williams: She is always in the mix

In an interview to BT Sport, Johanna Konta commented on women's tennis in general and indicated Serena Williams could have a strong 2019 season. This year, the American reached two Grand Slam finals – Wimbledon and US Open – and she is eyeing the chance to equal Margaret Court's 24 Slams' record, and even surpass them, if she can.

'Serena is always in the mix. Simona Halep had a really strong year. You don’t get easy matches any more. Maybe Serena’s a slight exception but I think she’s getting tougher matches as people believe they can win against these players,' said Konta.

Commenting on her comeback to Brisbane, Konta added: 'I definitely have great memories from last year, I played three great matches and definitely looking to make it five this year.' Konta concluded: 'It was definitely more challenging 18 months ago than the last 18 months itself.

It definitely felt like I ended on a good note with my last tournament in Moscow [where she reache the semi-finals].' Konta feels satisfied with the pre-season training she has done with her new coach Dimitri Zavialoff: 'We’ve been in this place many times and it doesn’t always guarantee anything when it kicks off well, but I definitely feel I’ve had a very strong pre-season, so that has given me a good chance to have a good overall 2019.

He is someone who is teaching me to be quite self-sufficient on court. It is much more of a partnership than I have had in previous coaching relationships. He encourages me to have a lot more input and understanding of my own game, hopefully making me better equipped to dealing with challenges on court.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title