Hats off to new mum Serena Williams, says Simona Halep's agent

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Hats off to new mum Serena Williams, says Simona Halep's agent

In an interview to Gazeta Sportulitor, the 1978 French Open winner and Simona Halep's agent Virginia Ruzici commented on Serena Williams's comeback after maternity and her US Open controversial final against Naomi Osaka.

Ruzici said: 'In 2017 I told you that it would be very difficult at her age, after giving birth, that she would be the number one in the world again, win a Grand Slam, and it was proved, but hat off for reaching two Grand Slam finals at 37 years, after having a daughter and dealing with complications.

Unfortunately for her in the Wimbledon final she was completely cut off, she didn't manage to get in the game. It was the first time I saw her playing so bad in a final. Only the serve kept her a bit in the game, I think that she felt some pressure for equalling Margaret Court's Grand Slam titles.

She was very focused in New York in the matches prior to the final, the serve always helped her in a big way: it's easy to win the point after that you serve at almost 200km/h, but she also uses variety and she can count on her second serve.

She is one of the best players from the technical point of view, she also has a slice and she is one of the most complete players in tennis. At the US Open Serena dealt with a player that surprised us. She reached the final on a surface that she likes a lot, it allows her to use her game better, and the court speed is a little faster than Indian Wells.

Osaka found a serenity that allowed her to perform on a big court without feeling any particular pressure, except the final where she realized she could win her maiden Grand Slam. Serena felt she could not win, then happened what happened.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title