Facing Serena Williams in Cincinnati was the highlight of my year - Kvitova

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Facing Serena Williams in Cincinnati was the highlight of my year - Kvitova

In a conference call, Petra Kvitova commented on how her 2018 season went. The Czech player was pretty happy with several results and she picked the main highlights of the year. 'I think it was a final against Kiki Bartens in Madrid, and then playing Serena (Williams) in Cincinnati.

I think it was those two matches which were really like the highlight', said Kvitova. On Lucie Safarova's retirement, Kvitova added: 'It was weird, but I know in the last couple of years I think she'd been dealing with the sickness and illness, and I think it's understandable when she is not like dead hungry to be back in the top.

She's around 100. So I do understand that it's really tough to get back in this kind of game when everybody is just very fit. And, yeah, I do remember when I came to play, and she was one of the players that I looked up to.

We practised a few times over there, and I was like a small child, hi, very shy. And we started to play the Fed Cups together, and kind of we were probably those two who really took the Fed Cup team pretty high, and we spent so many times in the Fed Cup weeks.

And sitting each other on the bench it was something really special. We knew how the other one was feeling. So you know when we played, we always catch the eyes when they are looking, and it was something really special to share those moments with her, and I'm very proud that we could do it together.

And, yeah, hopefully, she's going to be very healthy and happy.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title