16, 17-year-olds will probably never face Serena, Venus Williams - Stephens

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16, 17-year-olds will probably never face Serena, Venus Williams - Stephens

In a press conference at the Brisbane International Sloane Stephens commented on how it feels to play in a time where all the generations are going up against each other: the 20-year-olds, the 20s, the 30s. Stephens admitted this is something unusual, as tennis players have bigger longevity. 'It is kind of weird, honestly.

But like I said, for my tennis career, being able to play against like Venus and Serena and being able to say I played against Osaka, I played against Pennetta, like those type of people, like after a while, I mean it's long forgotten, like Safarova, Radwanska, like those type of people', said Stephens.

'I think that was some of the greatest players to play, and I think like especially like Radwanska, like Safarova making Grand Slam finals, Venus and Venus; Pennetta, when they get a Grand Slam. Like I think overall like one of the coolest things in my tennis career is I got to play against Li Na, I thought that was like the greatest thing ever.

I just happened to be playing in really good years that I got to play against all these people and a lot of people obviously won't. The younger girls that are like 16, 17 now, they'll probably never get to play against Venus and Serena or obviously Lee Na and Kim Clijsters, they're all retired now, but I think was just old enough to be able to play against all those girls and then I'll be able to play against a few younger ones.

So I think it's kind of cool. Like I did a good job. My mom made me at a good time. Yeah, timing is good.' Stephens also spoke about how her first days in Brisbane have been: 'It's been fine. Just adjusting to the time obviously is like the toughest thing.

Jet lag is never fun, but yeah, yesterday we did like a little shoot with Sam and Petra, and that was fun, just to help me stay up a little longer. So that's good. Yeah, there's a really good Indian next to the hotel.

So I'm obviously happy with that. And yeah, I can't complain. Everything's been really good. My room's nice. Like literally no complaints.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title