Wozniacki: 'Listening to Serena Williams was a big learning experience'

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Wozniacki: 'Listening to Serena Williams was a big learning experience'

Caroline Wozniacki often gets inspired by Serena Williams in order to go through her disease, rheumatoid arthritis, that she was diagnosed with last year. At the Australian Open, Wozniacki said: 'I think it's very interesting and obviously Serena is the greatest player to ever play the game so for me to just listen to her experiences has been a big learning experience for me and it's interesting to hear the mindset of the best and it's amazing because she has had a baby, being back on Tour so shortly after and playing.'

Wozniacki also recalled her 2018 title she won beating Simona Halep in a three-set final: “I can’t believe it’s been a year already – it’s awesome to be back. It means so much to me. It’s something I’ve wanted my whole career, and something I waited for a long time.

To finally get that there was very special – it’s the Happy Slam, it’s the first slam of the year, and it just made my year so much more enjoyable. It’s something I always hoped for and dreamt of, and to be back here, it just feels so great.

The first time I came back here and hit on the courts, I thought, ‘Okay, I’m home.’ I feel like these courts are suited for me, so it’s incredible to be back. I’m just enjoying every minute of it”.

Wozniacki was also asked if she looks at draws: “When I was a junior, a long time ago, I used to look, but most of the time I used to lose and realise it doesn’t matter. So then I stopped looking at the draws, and I started winning, so I figured I may as well keep going.

For me, it’s so important to stay in the moment. There are so many great players out there, so many that can beat anyone on a good day. So for me, it’s all about focusing on this opponent and what I need to do out there in my next match”.

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