Facing Serena Williams was something pretty scary, says Katie Boulter

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Facing Serena Williams was something pretty scary, says Katie Boulter

In an interview to The Daily Mail, Katie Boulter revealed how it felt to play against Serena Williams at the Hopman Cup in Perth earlier this month. Boulter described it as "pretty scary" Katie felt amazed and unbelievably happy to face a legend like the 23-time Major winner.

'She's been my idol my entire life, someone I watched from stage one. To be on the other side of the court was an honour and a privilege to see such an amazing player who has accomplished so much, it was definitely an inspiration.'

Boulter also spent off-court moments with Williams, trying to learn from her as most as possible: 'We had the New Year's Eve gala there and I was actually sat next to her, she was answering some questions and stuff.

She's always lovely and a really sweet girl. I was lucky enough to get to chat with her a little bit. She's another champion, someone I aspire to be like. The more I can learn from her the better, like anyone I'm around, just like being around Roger Federer — all of them.

Hopefully, I can use that week and build on it for the rest of this year. There's a group of players that I think everyone thinks is difficult to play against. I don't talk to people so I wouldn't know what they're thinking.

If you want to hear the gossip I'm not the one, sorry.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer adds a new tournament to February 2019 schedule!