Serena Williams: People write Eugenie Bouchard off, but she keeps fighting

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Serena Williams: People write Eugenie Bouchard off, but she keeps fighting

Serena Williams is looking forward to face Eugenie Bouchard at the Australian Open on Thursday. The Canadian dropped quite low in the WTA rankings but she has been playing well and will be a tough opponent for the 23-time Major winner.

'It will be a great match,' said Serena. 'She plays really well. She does everything well, and I really like that she doesn't quit. You know, people write her off, and she doesn't let that bother her. She continues to fight and do what she needs to do.

I think that's really not good.' On her first-round opponent Tatjana Maria, who lives in Palm Beach, Florida, same as her, Serena added: 'She's really sweet. We literally are neighbours. She lives literally in the community next to me.

I meant that literally. It's nice. You know, she's a really nice person. And her husband is really nice. Her family is sweet. It's just really, really cool people.' Serena is in the spotlight in every tournament she competes in.

The American player is trying to equal Margaret Court's 24 Grand Slam titles record: 'I just go every day, and I don't want to give myself a ranking anymore. I think it gives me too much negative expectations. I always expect to reach the sky, and anything below it is not good enough for me.

I don't know. I just know that I'm going in the right direction. I feel like I'm in the right direction. We'll see. I have been going for the record what seems like forever now, so it doesn't feel any different.'

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