Chris Evert speaks about Serena Williams' body

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Chris Evert speaks about Serena Williams' body

The 18-time Grand Slam winner Chris Evert feels confident about Serena Williams' Australian Open chances. In a conference call for ESPN, Evert, who is working as a commentator in Melbourne, said Serena is fitter. The American lost a lot of weight after becoming a mother, working hard at the gym: "I think she's fresh.

I think that's one thing. But everybody else is fresh, too. This year especially she's had, what, four months off since the Open. I don't believe she played anything since the Open. She has had time off to get away. Now she can really get away from tennis.

Before, she couldn't really get away. Now she's married, has a child, has a rich life. She can get away from it. I think she's raring together." For Evert, Serena's main goals are Majors: 'Champions are greedy in the sense of they want to keep racking up the Grand Slams.

She is in a position where she can break some records in the tennis world. When you talk about she's had a couple of incidences at the US Open, I don't think it has to do what Grand Slam it is. It could be at any Grand Slam.

It's basically sort of the umpire, the linesmen, Serena. As Patrick says, she does seem very relaxed. The one thing I notice, she seems fitter than last year. The scary thought looking at the women, they have to be thinking at this point, Gosh, she was 60, 70% last year reaching two finals, and now she seems fitter, leaner, she's moving better.

Like I said before, she's fresher. We all know Serena is very dangerous when she's fit and when she's healthy." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title