'Serena and Venus Williams were massive inspirations for me' - Madison Keys

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'Serena and Venus Williams were massive inspirations for me' - Madison Keys

Serena and Venus Williams could have faced each other in the Australian Open fourth round on Monday, but the sisters' affair won't happen as the 38-year-old lost to Simona Halep in three sets. In press conference, Madison Keys commented on the rivalry between Serena and Venus.

"Pretty much every match that I watch is mostly just to enjoy it and see how they're going to play", said Keys. "Venus and Serena, I mean, it's what everyone wants to watch. I 100 per cent just sit there and enjoy tennis, love watching them play.

They were on when I was just starting. They were both massive inspirations for me to start playing tennis. So to be able to see that play out all of this time later when I'm actually in the same draw is really special."

Could Keys imagine having to play one of your sisters? "No. I feel like I'd want to beat the crap out of them, but also, like, struggle with that. As it was happening, I'd be like, Oh, that sucks, they're going to be sad later.

But then older, big sister, I'd want to win." "Surprising? Yes. I definitely think she has figured it out, obviously, in a lot of the other tournaments. It's difficult, obviously, to play well for however many matches it takes to win a Grand Slam.

But I think at the same time she's always deep in a slam. She's usually in the second week. I mean, it's a difference of winning one or two matches. I definitely think that she's always a contender at a slam."

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