Simona Halep explains plan to beat Serena Williams

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Simona Halep explains plan to beat Serena Williams

Simona Halep delivered some world-class tennis on Saturday to defeat Venus Williams 6-2 6-3. On what made a difference to win in such an easy way, the Romanian player said: 'I thought about the match in Montreal. I knew that she was injured back then, but I knew I have to play similar tennis, fast, quick, to stay very close to the baseline, which I did great today.

Also to serve well because she returns pretty strong. She stays into the court and takes the return very fast. Yeah, I think I played smart, aggressive, and also I moved her a lot, so I think that's why I could win.'

On her next match against Serena Williams, Halep added: 'It's a bit different because I only beat her once in my life, so I cannot say much about this match. Just that it's going to be a huge challenge for me.

It's always great to play against Serena because every time I have to learn something from the match. I think I have to play similar if I can. I have to be smart, aggressive. I have to move her and give my best. I will not super think about this because is nothing to think, just go there and play natural and with confidence.'

Recalling her wins over Serena, Halep added: 'I remember those matches. The first one I played like today: fast and aggressive. In the final at 3-1 there in the first set, I lost the confidence and I went very back, I went very far on the court, and I couldn't touch the ball any more.

She was dominating the match. I played many times against her. We had also tough matches together. So it's going to be just a huge match for me. I will not put pressure on myself. There's a good chance for me to play my best tennis and to feel good on the court.'

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