Serena Williams was killing me, but I kept believing - Karolina Pliskova

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Serena Williams was killing me, but I kept believing - Karolina Pliskova

Karolina Pliskova believes that feeling confident during her quarter-final match against Serena Williams at the Australian Open was the key to defeat the American player. Pliskova won the first set 6-4, then Serena won the second 6-4 and was leading 5-1 in the third.

Then Pliskova went on to win six games in a row. "I think I'm feeling confident, not in every situation, but about my tennis overall. I feel like I have weapons. So, of course, the weapons, they don't have to work.

If I have, I feel like there is really nobody. Okay, she was killing me set and a half, but it's tough to be -- I know by myself, if you play somebody who is just maybe even running, putting the balls back, it's tough to do it for two, three sets," said Pliskova.

"On one hand, I was waiting for the chance, especially today. But on the other hand I know I can serve well on some moments. It's not that I have only, I don't know, forehand or serve, but I feel like I have more things.

I don't see any reason why I should be -- of course, I'm nervous, which is different to be scared. But, yeah, especially I beat so many good players already, I know I can do it again. It doesn't have to come, of course, you can still lose.

But I'm pretty confident if I'm playing well that I can beat anybody. I don't want to be overconfident right now because I beat Serena, but that's how it is. Most of the time I was not playing well, and that's why I lost.

This time I was just able. Of course, it was still lucky. I think the biggest win against her for me is that I believed I could win this match. That's how I started the match actually. I got my chance. I just went for it. I think maybe she didn't expect it from the beginning.

She looked like she was a little too passive. Then she just went for it because I believed from the first ball I can win. I think that was the biggest victory for me today." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title