How Naomi Osaka reacted against Serena Williams was unique: Expert

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How Naomi Osaka reacted against Serena Williams was unique: Expert

In an interview to Omnisport, marketing expert Simon Chadwick commented on Naomi Osaka's great behaviour during the most tense moments in the 2018 US Open final. "The way she reacted when she beat Williams in the US Open final - her respect and her graciousness and almost embarrassment is something almost unique, I think, in elite professional sport," recognized Chadwick.

"And it may be that this is something very new and different and very compelling, for markets like Japan in particular, but maybe globally." Chadwick added: "We're very used to our sports stars being brash and confident and perhaps Osaka opens up some new market opportunities for brands that are much more kind of 'lo-fi', if we can put it that way.

They're not brash and in your face, they're much more egalitarian and respectful and down-to-earth. There might be brands of that nature that see a real benefit to how Osaka is and the way that she deals with things like speeches."

Osaka's popularity in Japan is getting bigger and bigger, following her Grand Slam successes at the US Open and Australian Open. Fans are getting crazy for her and they are buying a lot of products associated to Osaka.

MasahitoYamazaki, Planning head of Windsor Corp said: “Her tennis apparel appeared on the storefront around her second or third match and it sold out. As she made to the next round, more customers contacted us about them, so we had more shipped in.

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