Serena Williams had heartbreaking day in Melbourne, says Annacone

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Serena Williams had heartbreaking day in Melbourne, says Annacone

In his official Facebook page Paul Annacone commented on Serena Williams's Australian Open quarter-final loss to Karolina Pliskova. Annacone wrote: "A heartbreaking day for Serena, but she will be back, she looked very good for most of the event , and her artillery is still overwhelming !

For Pliskova that great serve and punishing groundstrokes were a pleasure to watch." On Naomi Osaka winning the title after an epic Championship Clash against Petra Kvitova, Annacone added: "First off, incredible effort from Naomi Osaka !

The most incredible part of this title for Naomi was to watch her face adversity up triple match point in the second set , see that go away , watch Petra Kvitova grab that set and momentum and for 7-10 minutes see the beginnings of watching her dream turn into a nightmare .

At 21 years of age in the finals of a major Naomi , regrouped , grabbed her composure and got back to her plan and the confidence resurfaced and win 6-4 in the third - for me to see that in a final of a major is one of the most impressive things I’ve witnessed in all my years on tour.

No place to hide in individual sports , you better find solutions, trust, believe and execute - well done To Naomi and her team. How about the return of Petra to a major final after her personal attack and recovery. What an amazing turn around , it was great to see her back in a final at a major!" ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title