I was not shocked by Serena Williams's outfits, says former player

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I was not shocked by Serena Williams's outfits, says former player

In an interview during the St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy Anna Bychkova commented on Serena Williams's outfits in the last Grand Slams. At last year's French Open she wore a CatWoman-like kit while at this year's Australian Open she chose a green outfit.

"I was not shocked in terms of outfits. I understand Serena as a professional. It's difficult to speak about her outfits. It's normal. I red a Serena interview and in the past she always envied Venus since she had a better look than her.

Even if here I cannot say what has the most beautiful outfit. Maybe Serena is trying to reduce the gap with her sister but it all looks strange to me", said the Russian. Bychkova is a retired player and she is not in an ideal financial situation: 'In the beginning, it was very difficult.

You do not earn money. I have $1 million prize money on Internet, but I cannot survive with it after the end of my career. That million is just on the website, not how much I have in my pocket. I do not have a husband and children either.

It's good to have joined forces with Eurosport, helped by Anna Chakvetadze, but I do not have a permanent job.' Meanwhile, Bjorn Borg put his red Ferrari 308 GTS QV on sale for $100,000. He bought it 34 years ago. 'The Ferrari is in good conditions.

It's one of the best 308 we ever had. The car is amazing", said Torbjörn von Braun for Braun Sportscars company. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title