Serena Williams deserves praise and admiration, says Pavlyuchenkova

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Serena Williams deserves praise and admiration, says Pavlyuchenkova

In an interview to RT, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova praised Serena Williams's comeback to the Tour. The Russian player said that the American should be happy with her results despite there being a lot of expectations on her. “After giving birth to her child she shows brilliant results on the court being aged 37," said Pavlyuchenkova.

"Her performance and excellent physical shape deserve praise and admiration. Tennis is a difficult sport, especially for women, and I really respect Serena. Her priorities differ from other tennis players’ goals, she wants to play for records and she was very close to winning her 24th Grand Slam as she reached two finals.

Some players never reach them during their entire career, but she did it during the first year since returning from maternity leave." On Naomi Osaka's success, Pavlyuchenkova added: “Of course, it’s great to win to back-to-back Grand Slams at such a young age.

I was not surprised by her victories because she has been demonstrating good tennis for quite a long time. If she stays healthy, she could claim many more trophies. I don’t know, it will depend on Osaka and her team, maybe she would prefer to stop playing tennis after winning many major titles."

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