Naomi Osaka: 'No one can become the next Serena or Venus Williams'

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Naomi Osaka: 'No one can become the next Serena or Venus Williams'

In a press conference Naomi Osaka commented on her admiration for the Williams sisters. The Japanese faced Serena twice, defeating her both times at the 2018 Miami Open and US Open final. Asked who she likes the most, Osaka replied: "I'm kind of more of a Serena person.

I mean, I like super love Venus, too, but Serena was, like, my No. 1. Like, the most -- one of the things I remember with Serena playing Heather Watson, and I was screaming at my TV, like, Come on, Serena, you can do it. But, like, Venus, too, I remember like when me and my sister used to train, like, at public courts and stuff, random people would be, like, Are you the next Venus and Serena? I feel like they had a great role in us growing up.

I always wanted to be Serena." Asked if she thinks that she can become the next Serena or Venus, Osaka replied: "I don't think anyone can become the next Serena and Venus. I feel like they're, like, legends, you know.

I don't think it's possible with the way tennis is now. I just feel like I want to do the best that I can and hopefully that's enough." Osaka also spoke about her big fanbase both in Japan and all over the world: "I'm really grateful for it.

Like, I'm the type of person that gets more pumped if there is people cheering for me, so I feel like that's a positive for me. And also, I think if there is a lot of fans, then, like, the energy both me and my opponent would get, like, our levels would go up. So I think, like, in a whole, it's a really positive thing."