I want to practice like Serena Williams, says Cori Gauff

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I want to practice like Serena Williams, says Cori Gauff

In an interview to Tennis recruiting, the 15-year-old Cori Gauff commented on her similarities with Serena Williams. Gauff won the 2018 French Open and she aims to achieve more success on the WTA Tour. “My serve is obviously modeled on Serena's, and we're tweaking a couple of things, but he helps me with that.

I wouldn't say our practices are similar; mine are a little bit longer than she goes because she’s older and the older you get, the less time you are supposed to spend on the court and the more time in the gym. So I think mine are a little bit longer.

I've never really seen Serena practice, so I don't know how her practices are, but he (coach Robbye Poole) says how she practices and I want to practice like Serena, hopefully get what she has one day", said Gauff, who met the 23-time Major winner in Palm Beach during the off-season.

Gauff added: “I don't really play a lot of tournaments, even in the juniors. I think I played six or seven, eight tournaments maybe, to get to No. 2. I didn't play any Grade 4s, mostly slams and Grade 1s. So I think my dad does a good job.

Personally, I think I could play more tournaments, but I trust his word and it's obviously working. When I first went into ITF [Juniors], I was like, let's play all these tournaments, get my ranking up, he was like, no.

Your ranking doesn't matter much as a junior. You just need to play matches. And if you win the matches you're supposed to win, then you're going to get your ranking. He was right, so I trust my dad."