'Never count Serena out' - Evert backs Williams to equal Margaret Court

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'Never count Serena out' - Evert backs Williams to equal Margaret Court

The former world No. 1 Chris Evert feels confident about Serena Williams's chances to equal Margaret Court's 24 Grand Slam titles record. A few days ago Billie Jean King showed to be uncertain when asked if Serena can make it, but speaking on Tennis Channel earlier this week Evert said: "Never count Serena out.

I think anybody could say, I don't think she is gonna win one more Grand Slam, but I feel like that a lot is up to Serena, how hard she wants to train, I think she has a good shape and she can get an even better shape.

I think in Australia she played at 60% of her potential, I think she is still trying to achieve the balance between having a child, spending time with your child, being a wife, a business woman. It's sort of new time in her life and she is making a lot of adjustements.

At the end of the day, I think 100% she could win the 24th." Lindsay Davenport was sat next to Evert and she praised the 18-time Major winner: "Obviously Chris was an idol of mine when I was trying to make the transition to pro tennis.

She has been such a great ambassador as well, how she has been able to handle her career but also her post-career transiction doing TV work. I have been honoured to know her for so many years", concluded Davenport.