I played much better against Serena Williams than I did in Dubai - Pliskova

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I played much better against Serena Williams than I did in Dubai - Pliskova

Karolina Pliskova lost to Hsieh Su-Wei in three sets, 6-4 1-6 7-5, in the Dubai Open quarter-finals. The Czech player was clearly disappointed with her loss. "I would say I was very close", admitted Pliskova in a press conference.

"Didn't have many match points. Was not that close actually. I thought I was playing fine after the first set. I was obviously tired today. My legs were not doing much. Was tough match. Especially to play against her, you need to be ready on the legs a lot, which I was not.

Maybe I started being a little bit more passive. I thought is already done the match because it looked like. She just started to play well. I didn't do anything that wrong in the end. Of course, I could do better. I think she just played well in the end, just went for her shots.

She was playing this way in the first set. It's tough to play her. I don't like to play her. I don't know if there is somebody who likes to play her. But that's how it is." Asked if she had the same attitude on 1-5 like the one she had against Serena Williams in the Australian Open quarter-finals, Pliskova replied: "I would not compare these two matches because I think the game was completely different.

I was a completely different player against Serena. I just played so much better there. There is nothing to compare." "I felt really bad physically today", Pliskova admitted. "I think if I feel just a little bit better, I could make it because I was struggling a little bit with my body and with myself more than with her game today.

I think was a little bit different. In Miami, I was 100% ready there. This is the bad part about it. But overall I don't think I played something that bad. If my legs and my body is there, I'm able to finish this match. Of course, at the end, when it's getting tight, her game is not the best.

You're never going to feel the best against her. That's how it is. I was ready for it. But, yeah, shit happens."