Victoria Azarenka: 'With Serena Williams on court it's a war. But off it..'

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Victoria Azarenka: 'With Serena Williams on court it's a war. But off it..'

In press conference in Indian Wells Victoria Azarenka commented on her relationship with Serena Williams. They are close friends off-court and they admire each other. "I think it's not a surprise that we have mutual respect and love off the court.

You know, on the court it's a fight. It's a war. You know, it's a lot of intensity. But after the match, it's over", admitted the 29-year-old. "After the match, that's it. Whoever won, you know, congratulations.

I think it was quite an amazing match. I hope people enjoyed watching it. I hope we can do some more of that, because that's what tennis is about today. And having such a match on International Women's Day, I felt that was really incredible."

Asked if there are less and less friendships on the women's tour, Azarenka replied: "I think that there is a lot more. I don't think it's maybe visible as much, but there is a lot of friendships on the tour.

You know, I actually had a wonderful time in Acapulco getting to know my doubles partner. I have never really played with her. I knew about her, but we got to hang out in Acapulco and play doubles. She's an amazing girl. I got to know another person.

And I think, you know, I don't think -- I feel that there is a few players that are in their own lane, let's put it that way, and they just want to focus on themselves, so it's up to them. But I don't think it's a tendency in the tour. I really don't."