Serena Williams' coach explains keys to be a good coach

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Serena Williams' coach explains keys to be a good coach

In an interview to RTBF, Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou commented on what makes a coach a good coach. Mouratoglou, who started working with the American in June 2012, gave a deep answer. "Being a good coach is difficult", admitted the Frenchman.

"It takes a lot of qualities, and you have to develop them. It's like a tennis player. In order to have success in your job, you are supposed to understand what are the qualities you have to develop. We need to have the right mentality from the beginning.

It's particularly important to think that we do not know anything. As soon as we think that we know, that's the end. Every once a new journey with a player starts, it's different. And you need to have a completely empty mind.

If we try to use the same things we did with another player, it does not work. That's one of the biggest challenges. You have to be open and very careful. You have to speak less and listen a lot to see what every player is about.

We have to be very exigent with ourselves and with the player as well but doing it in a smart way. Because you need to keep a very good relationship. There should be a trustable relationship between the player and the coach. It's very technical and tactical work.

You also have to understand the physical training and you have to be like a mental coach. So that takes a lot of quality, but that's why it's so emotional. It's almost like a police inquiry, you have to find keys every time you meet a new player. And the keys are totally different again and again. So that's a journey."