Serena Williams sets the bar incredibly high,says coach Patrick Mouratoglou

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Serena Williams sets the bar incredibly high,says coach Patrick Mouratoglou

In an interview to the ATP Tennis Radio, Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou praised the American player's mentality and hard working spirit. "Serena is unique in general. You cannot take anything. She is probably the biggest champion of all times, she is unique in her mentality, the way she sees the game, the competition, the way she deals with the pressure", said Mouratoglou in Indian Wells.

"I think champions are different than other people, they put the bar very high for their expectations whatever they do, even in practice. She sets the bar incredibly high and she will never stop anything until she gets the result she wants in every practice anytime.

I do not see many players do that. It's easy to talk, it's another thing to do. She does not accept to do things under her level. She never looks behind and I always tell that story because that was a great one. When we started working together in 2012, her goal was to win a Grand Slam because she had last won one two years ago.

She wins one, she wins the Olympics, the US Open, the Masters and then she tells me, I am struggling to win Roland Garros. I do not know why, but every year it happens. Last time I won it was 2002. So I proposed a plan to win it and eleven years after, in 2013 she wins it.

After the he trophy ceremony she comes to me and she says she wanna stretch, and during the stretching, five minutes after, she turns to me and she says, Okay, now we have to win Wimbledon. It's done, what next? And I remember Rafa when he won his first Roland Garros, it was on a Sunday, the Monday after in an interview he said, Now I want to win Wimbledon.

I said Wow, he forgot that he won Roland Garros. It's already in the past now. And that's what the characters of these people is about. It's human too but that's a big difference. For all things, she refuses the outcome to be different than the one she wants.

We see that with other champions. We have seen also Andy Murray do that." Serena retired from her third round match against Garbine Muguruza in Indian Wells