Serena Williams unhappy, frustrated with her performance despite win

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Serena Williams unhappy, frustrated with her performance despite win

Serena Williams was not satisfied at all with her three-set opening round win over Rebecca Peterson at the Miami Open. In her post-match press conference, the American said: "I'm not really thinking about my match too much today.

I wasn't really happy with my performance. Had to take a lot of time off the last week, so I don't know. Just going. It's definitely not easy at all to have a bug. But I'm through it. That's that. I just got to get my game back to where I know it can be, yeah.

What was a little frustrating today is I know I can play so much better, but I just wasn't able to produce it today. But that's the beauty of fighting, getting through the matches where you're not playing your best, then coming out the next time and just doing better.

On her off-court life, Serena said: "Outside of my family and God, tennis definitely comes first. Everything kind of is scheduled around that. I always have my training schedule, my practices and training. I have calls and meetings, all that stuff, after.

It's been good to find that healthy balance. I also have a great team that I work with on the venture side as well as my brand for the clothing. It's been really helpful." What did Serena tell herself after the end of the second set? "I could not lose this match.

I knew that I could play a lot, lot, lot better. I just had to be better. At this point it was irresponsible to be playing the way I was playing in the second set, so... That determination was, I cannot lose this match just really kicked in. What do I need to do to win this match?"