I could totally relate to Serena Williams at the US Open, says McEnroe

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I could totally relate to Serena Williams at the US Open, says McEnroe

In an interview, the seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe commented on Serena Williams' outburst at the US Open final last year. McEnroe believes Williams should not be criticized for what she did. “I could totally relate to what she was feeling," said McEnroe.

"I thought it was a bulls— call that they called her out on the coaching because all the other players are getting coached all the time, so why all of a sudden did they do it at that point? Then she lost it, and she was thinking that she could get away with losing it, and then she broke a racket and she got a point penalty, which she deserved, and she knew it.

And then she started going after the umpire, which I know nothing about but I’ll try to figure out what was in her head. The umpire, to me, should’ve said, ‘Look, that’s enough. If you keep going I’m going to take a game from you.’ But he didn’t do that and suddenly did, so I thought he went overboard.

I didn’t like what he did to her. It was a lose-lose, because she f—d up and he f—d up”. McEnroe added: “I guess women are brought up differently than men. To me, between female athletes and male athletes, I think the expectations are a little bit different.

But that doesn’t mean it should be always that way. I’m willing to allow it to be exactly the same. You can put men and women in the same tournament, as far as I’m concerned”.