You cannot justify Serena Williams' behaviour in US Open final - Lopez

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You cannot justify Serena Williams' behaviour in US Open final - Lopez

In an interview to Onda Cero, Feliciano Lopez commented on Serena Williams arguing with the chair umpire Carlos Ramos in the last year's US Open final. The Spaniard said: "Unbelievable. With all the respect for a champion like her - I have been seeing her for many years but I am not a friend of her - well, I understand a player's frustration because all of us, also the best players ever, went through it and it's part of the times we live in tennis as we deal with pressure.

What's not good is to justify a bad attitude saying things that have nothing to see. It undirectly put Osaka's success under a shade. In the prize ceremony, she could enjoy her maiden Grand Slam title and a unique moment in her life and that's because of her opponent and crowd's reaction.

In an interview to Romper, Serena Williams commented on her daughter Olympia's character. It was in September 2017 that the little girl was born after Serena and Alexis Ohanian's union. The three regularly travel together on tour.

"I like to kind of embrace the word 'wild,' because it means [kids] are curious, they're active, and they're fun. And I want to normalize it", said Serena, who will play the Rome Open next. "I love that about [Olympia].

The things every child should be able to enjoy when they can. I absolutely love my wild child and I wouldn’t have her any other way. She’s learning things at a rapid rate because she’s so curious and because she wants to be in so many things.

With a boy, it's, 'Oh, of course, he’s supposed to be active!' but with a girl, it’s, 'Oh, they’re just sweet.' But there should be no difference. Because [Olympia] is so active I really need something that's going to fit her so she doesn't have an accident.

I've obviously tried other diapers and she's so active that they'll come off and she'll pee on my lap."