Steffi Graf: 'Serena Williams's strength impresses me'

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Steffi Graf: 'Serena Williams's strength impresses me'

In an interview, the 23-time Grand Slam winner Steffi Graf praised Serena Williams's greatness. The German former player said: "The tour constantly evolves. Tennis, men's or women's, became professional. There are so many information to learn to prepare, train, eat well.

Guys and girls are bigger and more physical. We did not have this data back in the day. Serena Williams is great, what she achieved is amazing. She makes the sport evolve. Her willingness, determination in wanting to make things change impresses me."

Graf commented on how she deals with her two children, the 17-year-old boy Jaden Gil and the 15-year-old girl Jaz Elle. "Sometimes I call Andre for help! With teenagers, that's normal. We are stronger together. Luckily, our kids do not have any interest in tennis.

Jaden is a basketball fan. He has very good eye-hand coordination. Jaz Elle is very mature, creative. Andre says she is very similar to me, but she has a devastating sense of humour", said Graf. What kind of father is Agassi? "I learned to answer rather than react.

I am very close to them. My son will soon go to the USC [University of Southern California], he is a good student. My daughter loves art, she dances, she is so nice, like her mother." Agassi was asked what his greatest achievement in tennis was: "1999, also for me, when I won my last Grand Slam.

It was my best one, while I was in a hole and I thought I would not get back anymore. The win gave me a strong sense of achievement."