Serena and Venus Williams were practicing all day long, says Pierce

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Serena and Venus Williams were practicing all day long, says Pierce

In a recent interview, Mary Pierce commented on when she first saw the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, in her life. Pierce has deep memories from that: "First memory of Serena...I think goes back to Delray Beach days.

When we were training with Rick Macci. Before her and her sister played any pro tournaments. And they were just practicing all day long", said Pierce. "I could remember there were some clay courts underneath where I was living at the time.

They would wake me up early in the morning, hearing the balls being hit, I'm like, Who's out there playing so early [smiles]? And I'd look out my window and I'd see it was Serena and her sister practicing, and her family was out there.

And it was impressive because they would just be out there all day long. And they would bring their food and they'd sit down and have a break and eat and then they'd go back out and hit. They were just on the court all day..."

Meanwhile, Andrea Temesvari commented on how it felt to face the 23-time Major winner Steffi Graf: "Steffi beat everybody really fast. And all the tournament directors were kind of prepared when they put her on, obviously the centre court, it will be a short match.

She beat everybody like under thirty, thirty-five minutes. 6-0, 6-1, 6-1, 6-1. I think some of them even in nineteen or twenty minutes. It was incredible. Sometimes she didn't even sit down for the changeover. It was just so...not even sweat.

And then that year in New Jersey, just before the US Open in 1989, I had a really good tournament in Mahwah, New Jersey. The only thing difficult was that it rained some. I had to play the semifinal and the final in the same day. And my match in the semifinal was a three-setter. Which I played like two and a half hours."